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Yoel Careno and Yolanda Corea in Swan Lake in Oslo. Foto Erik Berg

It is time for Swan Lake, the beautiful ballet to the music of Peter Tsaikovskij is being performed all over the world, and we have started watching the 4 – 5 different productions we shall enjoy this autumn. Most of them are build on the old fashion, but well working and beautiful  choreography Marius Petipa 1st and 3rd act and Lev Ivanov 2nd and 4th act (the socalled white acts) and build on that added many changes and addition by the different choreographes around.

The first one was with the Lithuanian National Ballet, Which is beautiful with Anastasija Čumakova as Odette/Odile.

This was followed by the one in Oslo with the Norwegian National Ballet with choreography by Anna-Maria Holmes and Konstantin Sergejev. Which was premiered autumn 1997.

The Oslo version has this year (nearly as usual) three different casts. This year. Maiko Nishino and Philip Currell. Yoel Careno and Yolanda Corea. Clair Constant and Dirk Weyershausen.

Yoel Careno and Yolanda Corea. Foto: Erik Berg

The music is this year conducted by Tobias Ringborg, which is getting a lot of beauty, good tempi, power out of the fantastic music. A great insporartion for the audience and the dancers (I am shure).

Unfortunately we didn´t have possibility to see the Maiko Nishino/Philip Currell version, but we enjoyed the following two versions:

Lucas Lima as the Jester in Swan Lake in Oslo. Foto Erik Berg.

Yoel Careno and Yolanda Corea, a beautiful couple well dancing together, She has the most beautiful legs, and together they are making it very well.  She has the best temperament for the Odile, the Black Swan part and her 36!!! fouettes were good, in addition she has a charismatic way of adressing the audience in her dance, that is being appreciated,  The audience  would have liked, as I have mentioned earlier, that Yoel Careno is stretching more out in his solos, he has more to give, why dont he use it?

Danny Tidwell was an outstanding and very spectacular Rothbart. I would like to enjoy Danny Tidwell as Prince next time, and also to see him in other main roles, as I noticed with the second cast here reviewed (Constant-Weyershausen), where Tidwell was dancing the one male in the spanish dance, it was outstanding. As far as I see he has the potensial for this kind of main roles. (I am shure the management allready has noticed it.)  In this cast we enjoyed Lucas Lima spectacular with many good small and big details as the Jester. Perhaps the choreographic theme this time has added a bit too much flittering around to the Jester role.  I do notice that some details are funny, but may be the limit is too pressed here, it is the same for bth the Jesters – Marco Pagetti in the next cast reviewed. Line Alsakerwas the elegant queen.

Clair Constant and Dirk Weyershausen. Foto: Erik Berg

Clair Constant and Dirk Weyershausen has a very good and strong Rothbart in Ole Willy Falkhaugen. He is powerfull, dangerous, beautiful hig jumps. Constant is the ideale as Odette, the white swan, she has developed a technique in moving her arms, so they look like swan wings, extremely beautiful, in addition to the feeling that she is putting in to it. Furthermore she is having the patience as the white swan needs, this is giving her an extra power in the developement of the role. We believe in her. She is beautiful.

End of swan lake in the Swans dressing room!! Private picture borroved from Victoria Francisca Amundsen Breivik - Facebook.

Dirk Weyershausen is looking like a prince, handsome, tall, slim, very beautiful. It seems to me that he is taking good care of his partner in the many demanding details, and he is a first class partner for Constant, and we can feel that she is trusting in him. However his solos in the grand pas de deux in third act was ok, but notthing more, but when he enters the stage in the fourth act, with a long long beautiful jump, followed by a lot of elegant details, he was extraordinary good.  Weyershausens capacity as a leading dancer in the Prince roles has been developing through these many years since he came to the Nationalballet in 2003. Marco Pagetti is a handsome young virtuouse Jester, with a good masculinity in his flirting, which suites him well. Many good small and bigger solos, in fact the Jester costume could have been more remarkable. In this version it is nearly harmonising too much with the corps des ballet, specially in the first act. Hanne Thorbjørnsen Suttiewas the elegant queen.

Yoel Careno, Yolanda Corea and Lucas Lima. Private Foto from Lucas Lima´s Facebook page..

Pas de trois both evenings was danced with Craig Lee Cathcart as the male, He was good, at a very high quality level. In the second of the casts mentioned here together with Eugenie Skilnand and Leyna Magbutay which both showed beautiful details.

As the teacher it was a great pleasure to see again one of the National Ballets former outstanding leading male soloists, Mariuz Malecki, who is back guesting in this importent role. For the audience to notice such a capacity in a kind of a caracer role is very importent. It makes that teh audience trust in the history, and lifting the quality of the production.

Concertmaster/1 violinist is Øyvind Bjorå, that we enjoyed both evenings playing the great violinsoli in Swan Lake.

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