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BUH for Carmelites Dialogues by Poulenc in Munich

BUH for Carmelites Dialogues by Poulenc  in Munich.

By Henning Høholt, applaus foto: Tomas Bagackas.

MUNICH/GERMANY: Unfortunately, the Carmelites Dialogues by Fredric Poulenc was received by very loud BUH after the performance 30.january at the Bayerisches Staatsoper in Munich.

Applaus, Francis Poulens "Les Dialogues des Carmelites" at Bayerisches Staatsoper 29.1.2016. Foto Tomas Bagackas

Applaus, Francis Poulens “Les Dialogues des Carmelites” at Bayerisches Staatsoper 29.1.2016. Foto Tomas Bagackas

I agree on that. Musically this Munich performance production is great, with star singers in the leading roles, a good orchestra in the lovely Poulenc musically well led by De Billy.

Unfortunately, the management of the opera part, with this production, has been falling in to the church yard of the modern German regi theatre, where they believe in renewing all the old histories to something modern, and by that, loosing the direct line to the inspiration for the composer, who usually has based his history on an old, or from his samd time, seriouse history. Therefore this Dialogues of the Carmelites disovre the BUH. The regisseur has misunderstod the history. I do understand the wishess to renew, but it dont work out.

Why not ?
First of all, to try to change it  to our modern time, dont work. The scenography, who let the singers loose the audience in the first part makes it extremely bohring. After the pause, around me in the orchestra, 50 seats was empty. That is a wrong signal for the management, these who have left will not return free willing, – if they are not in an abonnement position. This is a signal to the management.
I tryed to enjoy this production in 2010 after its premiere, knowing it very well from other operahouses, and tryed my best to see positive to the renewing, but must admit that this production is not internationally good enough.

Bayerisches Staatsoper Foto Tomas Bagackas

Bayerisches Staatsoper Foto Tomas Bagackas

Poulencs fantastic music deserves a regisseur, who is something at a much higher qualitative level, than this production shows. Musically, to let the international opera audience not to get the musically fantastic last martyr march with the marcant guillotine sounds of each of the killed nuns. Is a seriouse, and not acceptable misunderstanding.

Therefore the operamanagement  deserves the loud BUH at the saturday evening. I do seriouse hope that they will wake up an understand that this kind of wrongly renewed productions are not acceptable.

We attended this production during the performances the first year (2010?) in Munich, and decided at that time not to write a review about it. However, since this misunderstanding continues, we this time need to write.

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Bayerisches Staatsoper, München


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