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New dance book by Laurent Pellier – Photos and Philippe Verrièle – text

Philippe Verrièle (left) and Laurent Paillier, with their new book Danser La Peinture. Foto Henning Høholt, Paris 2015

Philippe Verrièle (left) and Laurent Paillier, with their new book Danser La Peinture. Foto Henning Høholt, Paris 2015

By Henning Høholt

PARIS/FRANCE: The two brilliant artists Laurent Pellier, famouse dance photographer and the famous ballet/dance critic Philippe Verrièle has made a Dance History of Art.

In fact the idea of this project started 5 years ago, where these two artists started discussing their idea of a special book about dance, art, photography.

They asked Eleven outstanding and leading dance choreographers representing the most restless of today’s scenes, to participate by making each their choreography.

The beautiful and very well illustrated book, full of dance photos. Is keept in Eleven Chapter thus: for each the work of a visual artist has been offering a choreographer.

Each dance session is photographed by a dozen Images, it is accompanied of a text on the artist read in view of its link to the choreographic art and either a meeting with the choreographer about this artist and more generally, its relationship to the visual arts.

Danser La Peinture, cover. www.editions-scala.fr

Danser La Peinture, cover.

Eleven major artists, Fontana to Klein, Pollock to Degotttex and this is where the young choreographers are indispensable when you would rather take gloves to rub some figures, they tackle them head-on-body or hand-to-body.

Dance and plastic arts relationship is revisited in this original and stripped where, once will not hurt, it’s choreographers to give their views on the artists and take them as subject when it is rather the use that it is the opposite, at least a certainty, it will move. . . .

Participating Artist (s): Eric Arnal Burtschy, Louise Bourgeois, Constantin Brancusi, Jean Degottex Erika Di Crescenzo, Malika Djardi, Lucio Fontana, Leïla Gaudin, Kaori Ito, Tatiana Julien, Vassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Yves Klein, Anne Nguyen, Arthur Perole Melanie Perrier, Jackson Pollock, Jean Rustin, Maria Jesus Sevari, James Turrell, Perrine Valli, Vladimir Velickovic

We present here five of eleven images, photographed from the exhibition that accompanied the book presentation. Unfortunately our fotos provided here dont represent the photographer’s magnificent work, which is also reproduced in the book the righteous great reproduction, which the photographer deserves. This is intended only as a modest tasting of what the readers will see in the large size book.

At the preentation one of the dancers, Tatiana Lulien danced beautifully and expressive, short piece, that has connection to her participation in the project (the red picture, shown here).

ISBN: 9782359881547 Paperback full paper – 23 x 30 cm – 172 pages96 illustration (s) 35,00 € – Published 19. November 2015



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