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Piano firework with Miroslav Kultyshev in Vilnius

Piano firework with Miroslav Kultyshev in Vilnius

Miroslav Kultyshev, foto Henning Høholt

By Henning Høholt

VILNIUS/LITHUANIA: It became piano firework when the Russian Tchaikovsky prize winner from 2007 Miroslav Kultyshev guested Lithuania with two solorecitals last week, where i attended the one in Vilmius 22. October.

He started the concerts with Peter Tchaikovskijs  the Seasons, 12 pieces,  one piece for every month of the year, opus 37a.  Among them some are wellknown to the audience, as for exemple the virtuose no 2 Carneval for February, no 6 Barcarole for June, and Autumn no 9, and others not so wellknown. He formed it all with a lot of feeling, brilliant musicality and gave it a first class performance.

Piano Firework in the Philharmonic Hall

After the break it was firework. In the two demanding and virtuose sonatas by Alexander Scriabin Sonatae Nr. 3 opus 23 and Sergej Prokofiev Sonate nr. 7 opus 83,it was indeed a great piano master on stage. These two sonatas nr 3 of the first composer and nr 7. of the second it was extraordinary. At one side the great extraordinary virtuosity and on the other side the feeling full warmnes in the slow passages, as for exemple in the Andante part in the Prokofiev Sonate 100% beautiful musicality.

Miroslav Kultyshev – Piano Firework in the Philharmonic Hall. Foto Henning Høholt

Further more he generously gave 4 encores. So the applause wouldn’t stop.

An extraordinary event organised by New Musical Generation.


The musical life in Vilnius must feel very privilliged that they have such organizers as New Musical Generation, which through their international contactnet can manage to get such extraordinary big capacityes to guest Lithuania, and as in this case with concerts both in Klaipeda the 21th and in Vilnius the 22nd October.


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