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Wiener Staatsballet in Paris – Mixed program

From the central pas de deux in David Dawsons A million kisses.

Les étes de la danse


David Dawson – A Million Kisses to my Skin (Bach) 

Helen Pickett – Eventide (Glass, Shankar and other) 

Patrick de Bana – Windspiele (Tchaikovsky) 

Jean-Christophe Maillot – Towards a wise country (Adams) 

Review by Henning Høholt

PARIS: With the above mentioned four ballets, which have entered the repertoire of the National Ballet of the Vienna State Opera in February 2013, and will be “firsts” in Paris.  Some of Today’s leading choreographers of contemporary dance and neo-classical exceeded sixty, but far from retirement, they continue to create, and can be indebted to train dancers have known (superb ) which, in turn, perform choreography.

From A million kisses by David Dawson

In an interesting combination between classical music and contemporary/modern composers, i found that, to me, I had the feeling like I was in the Metro when it was rush traffic. The Wiener Staatsballet has a long line of great dancers, a lot of vituocity and beaty was presented on stage, but in the combination of the four contemporary ballets in this mixed programme, still that it was different choreographers, costumes, light and music, it was in a rushing mood, even Tsjaikovsky, and Bach. A Million Kisses to my Skin is a brilliant piece that plays with the codes of classical ballet, with a very physical dance prowess shifted. In fact for Bach I found it too fast, and the second part, the adagio, that I have seen some excerpts on when the leading pase deux was deliciouse performed by the brilliant soloists from the Finish National Ballet, Ville Mäki and Mai Komori with United Dance Company on tour in Austria and Germany summer 2011. I found that it should have been going more deep in to the lines, and the last couple leaving the stage should have been more like she should slowly fly out of the stage on his shoulder, not carried out like it was shown now. But that is, of course, my personal oppinion, and a feeling for how the dancers is forming their parts. David Dawson (English pure product, spent at Forsythe, before choreographer at  Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam and received the choreography prize of Benois de la Danse.) In programming the National Ballet of the Vienna State Opera.

To a country wise is more private. By Helen Pickett. Too repititive music by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar.  Responding to the relentless flow of the score, the choreographer develops volubly very graphic images that tell the passion of life. The woman sitting close to me after this piace commented, “I think I now prefere Bollywood dancing!” In fact this part was quite good, changing between three moods, colours, and with the most exciting costumes by Charles HeightchewHelen Pickett (come from dancer at the Ballet Frankfurt, and continuing her role as an interpreter of Forsythe at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, before returning to the United States, where she creates pieces for different companies) 

Wonderful flying jump (Kirill Kourlaev?) in Patrick de Bana´s Windspiele.

Windspiele - explicit author and its title as the tubes shaken by the wind chimes receive a thrust which makes sound, the dancers moved by the choreographer are dynamic to retransmit their energy. The costumes disturbed me, the 6 male dancers with different kind of pants, and two feamale dancers with too heavy costumes dresses- disturbed the ballet. costumes by Agnès Letestu, – I will remember Patrick de Bana´s Cleopatra – Ida Rubinstein from last summers Saison de Ballet Russes XXI Century at Théâtre des Champs Élysées very well. Patrick de Bana (who also went to school in Hamburg before joining Béjart in Lausanne, and Nacho Duato in Madrid)

Beautiful soloist, Kirill Kourlaev (?) in Windspiele by Patricj de Bana.

Eventide (Vers un Pays sage) in a minimalist style, underlined by John Adams some times too repititive music, combined with a strange charm Asian and Western influences, the fading light “between dog and wolf” allowing fantasies arise. I still remember a visit in Monaco with visit to Jean-Christophe Maillot´s studios, and the exciting atmosphare there, and his interesting, renewed La Cenerentola a few days ago shown on Mezzo. Jean-Christophe Maillot (former soloist by John Neumeier and now for many years inspiringdirector of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo).



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