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Tomasz Konieczny the hit as Alberich in Munich

Münchener Festspiele 2013:

Das Rheingold, The gold with the three Rhine daughters,Hanna-Elisabeth Müller – Woglinde. Angela Brower – Wellgunde and Okko vo der Damerau as Flosshilde.

Das Rheingold in Munich

Richard Wagner´s The Nibelungen Ring  is being performed at the Festspiele in Munich this summer.

Review by Henning Høholt

Das Rheingold was the first of the performances the 13th July of




Bayerisches Staatsoper, Münich. Foto: Henning Høholt.

MUNICH: A new ring for Munich: In just five months, the Bavarian State Opera in February to June 2012 brought Richard Wagner’s world drama The Ring of the Nibelung in a new production to the stage.  During the season of 2012/13 the complete tetralogy will be seen in three cycles. Staging director Andreas Kriegenburg is responsible. Conducting the Bavarian State Orchestra is its music director Kent Nagano.


In the middle Joha Reuter as Wotan

Saturday 13.07. 2013.

Tomasz Konieczny the hit as Alberich in Munich

Tomasz Konieczny´s stage appearance, his wonderful voice, perfect for this role did the Munich Rheingold to an extraordinary experience. – He was closely followed up by Johan Reuter, outstanding as Wotan with Sophie Koch as Fricka and Aga Mikolajas Freia.

Tomasz Konieczny – Basbariton – Was the hit of the Rheingold in Munich as Alberich.. Foto from his Facebook page.

As Loge Stefan Margita was singing very well, but his stage aperance was, for me, too much! He could have made it much better by reducing his stage arrogance, spite in that i know that this can come from he regisseur Andreas Kriegenburg.

The long opening picture, with the 60-70 male and female persons making the Rhine river alive very well choreographed by Zenta Haerter, was amazing,very beautiful, and it worked close to perfect, gave us the feeling of water, the Seinen river, good light: Stefan Bolliger. The River is not usually so easily to get to work for the three Rhine maidens, well sung by Hanna- Elisabeth Müller, Angela Brower and Okka von der Damerau, which looked good in their turquoise coloured dresses, Costumes by <andrea Schraad. . It all ended up in the same chroreographic way. It looked like the whole group could have had one or a few more rehersals on specially the ending scene movements, showing the waws of the river.

Das Rheingold, laying Johan Reuter as Wotan and Sophie Koch as Fricka.

Richard Wagner opera festival eve of the stage play “The Ring of the Nibelung” In German with German surtitles. Conductor: Kent Nagano . Director: Andreas Krigenburg. Stage: Harald B Rhor. Costumes: Andrea Schraad . Light: Stefan Bolliger. Choreography: Zenta Haerter. Dramaturgy: Marion Tiedtke and Miron Hakenbeck, – Honestly, the dramaturgisch building up, some times I lost the history bacause of too many effects, mowing of roofs, floor, walls opening up and locking.

  The cast: Johan Reuter, Kevente Molnár, Stefan Margita, Tomasz Konieczny, Ulrik Ress, Thorsten Grümbel, Sophie Koch, Aga Mikolaj, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Hanna-Elisabeth Müller, Angela Brower, Okka von der Damerau, Sergey Skorokhodov, Steven Humes. Bavarian State Orchestra.
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