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Marianna Pizzolato, recital in Firenze

“Il salotto musicale di Rossini”


(fortepiano Pleyel 1849)

In Florence, Italy, Saloncino del Teatro della Pergola. 2012, september 24th

Marianna Pizzolato

FIRENZE: The still young Italian mezzo Marianna Pizzolato appeared at Saloncino of  Teatro della Pergola, Florence, with a monographic Rossini program. Her predilection for the music of the Swan of Pesaro music started early in her career, and stayed with her in the following years, even if her repertory obviously expanded to other composers.

Altought she chose a variety of music from Rossini‘s vast output, the main “entree” of Ms. Pizzolato’s recital was the famous Cantata Giovanna d’Arco, performed at the end of the concert, a work that owes its fame mostly to Marilyn Horne’s championship.

The programme was completed by three different versions of Mi lagnerò tacendo and an anthology of Rossini’s Péchés de vieillesse. Moreover, the concert presented also piano works, among the many composed by Rossini, who was even a very good pianist. The soloist was Stefano Montanari, playing on an original historical 1849 Pleyel fortepiano.

Marianna Pizzolato

Marianna Pizzolato’s voice seems bright and very well projected, expecially in the middle register, while in the high notes one can hear small difficulties. Her phrasing is elegant even if not too imaginative, and all the agilities, coloratura and variations are skilfully solved. The singer seems to be more at ease in lyric and wide moments, particularly in the central part of the Cantata Giovanna d’Arco, when her voice was able to expand in the hall. But some little difficulties in the top register did not spoil the generally very good performance. The Sicilian singer had a warm success, bestowing on her public two Rossini encores.

On the contrary Stefano Montanari at fortepiano played in a very hard and wooden manner, which did not support Ms. Pizzolato’s singing or highlight her subtelties. However the success was warm, with two encores by Rossini.



Reviev by Fabio Bardelli

translation from italian Bruno Tredicine



da Péchés de vieillesse:

L’orpheline du Tyrol, Le lazzarone, Canzonetta spagnuola

Memento homo, per pianoforte

da Péchés de vieillesse: La lagune de Venise à l’expiration de l’année 1861!!!, per pianoforte

Mi lagnerò tacendo

Francesca da Rimini

La légende de Margherite

da Péchés de vieillesse: L’innocence Italienne, La candeur Française, per pianoforte

Giovanna d’Arco


(In collaborazione con Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori – Amici del Fortepiano)





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