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PAUL TAYLOR – a great experience in Paris

Beloved Renegades by Paul Taylor Dance Company. Photo: Paul B. Goode

PARIS: Les Etes de la Danse in Paris presents this summer two of the most famouse American dance companies Paul Taylor at Théâtre National de Chaillot and Alvin Ailey at Theatre du Chatelet, which in one way has many things together, but in other significant details are completely different. Like to say “Night and Day”, that is because of the colours, where Paul Taylor has mostly white dancers and Alvin Ailey mostly black dancers, with one exception that I noticed in each company. Michel Fleet by Taylor, and Michael Francis McBride by Ailey. Another difference is that while Paul Taylor is more classical based, Alvin Ailey has a larger show profile, also when they are dancing classical. and to classical music. What they have together is that they are some times using the same choreographes, such as the opening number on the opening night for Alvin Ailey was with an extract fromPaul Taylors choreography from 1981 “Arden Court“. Still both companyes dances on barefoot.

I liked Paul Taylor Dancecompany very much. To enjoy how specially the male dancers are placing their feets on the floor, when they are walking over the stage, and specially how the companys male star Michael Trisnovec does it, gives an extraordinary feeling of high quality. Furthermore how great it is when he, like a scenographic element stays on the stage enjoying the other dancers difficult solo and ensemble parts. Wonderful.

My evening with Paul Taylor Dancecompany at Théâtre National de Chaillot started with Brandenburgs from 1988, to Musis by Johann Sebastian Bach. From his Brandenburger Concert no 6.  Tasteful virtuocity in the many difficult variations, which closely followed Bachs music. The costumes by Santo Loquasto, who is responsible for the costumes to all this evenings three ballets, the same as Paul Taylor is the choreographer for all the three ballets this evening. Was deliciously in different green colours of velour. Bottle green for the 5 male dancers, making all the company work with the girls, Robert Klemendorsy, James Samson, Sean Mahonny, Michael Apuzzo and Michael Novak.  Dark Moss green for the three wimen, Amy Young, Parisa Khobdeh and Eran Bugge. And a lighter Mosse green for the ledading male soloist Michael Trusnovec, who also danced without uppers.

The second ballet this evening was The Uncommitted, the newest from 2011. To wonderful music by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, It was a ballet without any real history, but showing variouse temperaments, in cooperation with the music. Once again good costumes, this times again a velour look, which to my knowledge seen from my place could be of urn out silk, which gave the dancers an extra lift and underlined their temperaments, as it was in different shades around the same colour family.

Paul Taylor photo by Maxine Hicks

Th last piece in the evening was Beloved Renegade, from 2008, and for the first time presented in Paris. It  is build up around Francis Poulencs Gloria, and where the history in the performance is cruising around the 7 textual elements in Gloria. All the company 15 dancers participated, and a lot of solonumbers entertained the audience.  However, for this production, the costumes didn´t give the performance any thing extra, they were booring, and not elegant.

For me, I would have started this evening with Beloved Renegade and ended up with Brandenburgs, but I do understand that the company wants to end up with a production where all dancers can be on stage.

Totaly it was a good evening, and a great pleasure to enjoy the companys performance.



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