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Les Miserables, poster

Les Miserables, poster

The production guesting with the new 25th Years anniversary production, celebrating that it is 30 years since the world premiere of Claude-Michel Schönberg´s (music) and Herbert Kretmer´s (lyric) Les Miserables at Theatre du Chatelet is doing a great job. It is based on Victor Hugo´s famous novel Les Miserables. New orchestration by Chris Jahnke.  The first performance of this production was at Wales Millenium Centre December 12th 2009.

It is fluiding very well at a high tempo. The scenography to this version out of the 7 different ones I have seen and been writing critic about through many years is very good. I like the opening on the ship, and the more harbour like surroundings which is in this one. It gives a reality feeling which is good. The moving pictures, which permit us to change place, and to let the group come marching towards us, with out moving, the Favart jump in to the river, it was great. The set design by Matt Kinley is inspired by Victor Hugos paintings. The wonderful lighting, as for exempel when Fantine is dying,  changing from warm white to cold white. No one didnt feel, that now she was dead. . The singers are outstanding all the way, responsible for light is  Paule Constable, and so on it continues. Costume design, basde on the original ideas from the actual periode by Andreane Neofitou. Producer is Cameron Mackintosh. Directed by Laurence Conor and James Powell.

In the elading roles we enjoyed an outstanding tenor John Owen-Jones as Jean Valjean. A beautiful looking and good singing Gareth Gates as Marius. A demonic Javert played by Earl Carpenter. While Jon Robyns was Enjolras. Monsieur et Madame Thenardier was performed with brilliant humor of Ashley Artus and Lynne Wilnot. The young wimens were. Katie Hall as Cosette, Rosalind James as Éponine, and Magdalena Alberts as Fantine. Gavroche a brilliant young  Jake Abbott. Conductor Peter White.

As there, unfortunately, not is any handouts with who are singing tonights performance, we dont know who the little Cosette were.

To be polight to the audience, and to the artists on stage, a handout with the names is a MUST. Has it been in Scandinavia the law has been protecting that. It has not been permitted to play without such a presentation. And for the seriousity of the producer, it should exist. The beautiful program is worth its price 10 Euro, but it dont tell who was actually singing to night in the roles where there could have been changes.

This prodution of Les Miserables will be performed at Theatre du Chatelet until July 4th. I am shure that it will be with full houses. English version with Frensh subtitles.


Photos from the performance in Paris will follow this evening.

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