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Julie Charlet, is a very sensitive and expressive ballerina, who gives intensity to her character of the Beautiful Slave and shows a great technique in her solos. Foto David Herrero.

Kader Belarbi’s The Corsair in Paris

6/26/17 •

PARIS/FRANCE: Created in 1949, the renowned Ballet Capitole of Toulouse appeared for the first time on a Parisian stage, in the famous Theatre des Champs-Elysées to present Kader Belarbi’s version of The Corsair. Etoile of the Paris National Ballet, Kader Belarbi has taken the helm of the Ballet Capitole of Toulouse since 2012. He recently received the price of the “Best Choreographic Personality of the Year” by the Professional Association of Theatre, Music and Dance Critic at the Theatre of Chaillot in Paris. Such an event creates great expectations, but the Parisian audience was completely captivated and there were long ovations at each performance. Review by Christoph de Jouvancourt.